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Welcome to Andrea Ives Consulting. Here you will see a flavour of the type of global business and people solutions we can offer you or your business.We want your experience with us to be as unique as our approach to business – Transparent, Adaptable, and Person Centred from the word go.

We pride ourselves on a completely different approach to development, we put the customer first and actually mean it. The value to us is in the conversation with you, and after 15 years of global experience working with all sectors across the board in over 19 countries, Andrea Ives Consulting values our new and loyal long standing, customer base. Being true to our core business values is very important to us, for a relationship to work we need to know where your priorities and motivations are, it is only then that we can offer you a service that we guarantee will exceed expectation time and time again.


Andrea Ives Consulting will work exclusively with you on an individual basis which means we create the bespoke solution for you. Short of time and need a completely managed service? We do that too….

Need support expanding your already successful business? Help or advice to create or grow your Learning & Development function and embed your company values? A global team event where you actually see a return on investment? Person centred executive coaching for you or your team? Talent and leadership courses created for you for your leaders of the future? Cutting edge management programmes that create a learning pathway for all employees to motivate and be one step ahead?

However we support you the value to us is in the conversation with you on what you need – then its our promise to deliver a bespoke solution that fits around you or your organisation.

We look forward to talking to you soon…

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Ben Hughes, Deputy CEO Financial Times

I cannot find enough superlatives to use in conjunction with Andrea-she is the ultimate professional. Hard-working, and superbly innovative when it comes to thinking of new ways to introduce the concept and reality that is L&D

Ben Hughes, Deputy CEO Financial Times

To say that Andrea put L&D back on the map and very much front of mind at the FT would be an understatement of huge proportions. Sheer class. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


“One of the most innovative and influential heads of global development around. Andrea has most recently been involved with the Financial Times, O2 and the BBC. With an outstanding track record in business tendering, building effective global L&D functions, design and delivery of bespoke training solutions in over 20 countries and over 15 years experience coaching our leaders of the future. In this video Andrea discusses the key challenges faced when creating, building and implementing a global Learning & Development function, and shares her own experiences in a 4 step, best practice approach to achieving outstanding results.”HRTN TV

Andrea Ives, Global Director of Development speaks to HRTN TV about the challenges a business faces when implementing, building or expanding a global Learning & Development function.

To contact Andrea you can email her on or call on 07711033502

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