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Andrea Ives Consulting

Business development

It’s not what you know or who you know, but who knows you.

Business development may be an amalgamation of marketing, sales, and development strategies for your company, but how effective are they?

If you answered yes or not sure to the questions above, Andrea Ives Consulting can help you!


We understand every business has different requirements and where one business may focus on a business expansion, another may be reducing costs and head count. While there are companies who remain solely reliant on external consultancy, other companies prefer to do the work themselves. As our service is exclusive to your particular business needs we can support you as much or as little as you need us to. Whether it is a longer term solution or a short term intervention we will be there to support you and your business to be the best you can be.

Making sure that everyone is up to speed with the most current business trends is vital to maintaining your company’s success. Andrea Ives Consulting works with a team of business developers specialising in a number of vital areas. These include investment analysis, project management, finance, global growth, recruitment and selection development to name a few.

Carl Richards, Director, BSR Associates

I worked with Andrea for a year, during that time I was hugely impressed by Andrea’s drive, energy and sheer will to do the best she could for the all employees.

Andrea is always looking to innovate and explore beyond the accepted paradigms and it is obvious that this inspires the people around her to excel.

Lesley Burgess

I have worked with Andrea for a number of years and would highly recommend her in any organisation. Rest assured my next project will have Andrea at the helm.

Andrea Ives Consulting will help you set your priorities for your business creating potential growth and opportunities in the future. Managing all aspects of this can be a short term fix but not a long term solution if you do not have comprehensive analysis or data to build on. Whether it is an investment analysis or people development strategy we can offer guidance and support to some of your most challenging business areas.

Knowing what business competitors are working on is helpful to keep your business strong. We have many years of international experience working with large and small companies – we believe sharing what we have learnt puts us in a strong position to help you. We know when there is a new market sector or specific trends so your company can always be one step ahead of its competitors.

We are here to help!


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