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Andrea Ives Consulting

People Development

Welcome to our Learning & Development support academy where we promise to deliver outstanding people development solutions to you

Gillian Sheeran, CFO Rule Financial

The impact Andrea has had on the team has been outstanding! We have witnessed instant changes across the board.

Piers Fallowfield-Cooper, CEO

Few people have impressed me more than Andrea Ives. If you are looking for a true business partner, someone who truly ‘gets it’ in the world of L&D and talent attraction, growth and retention then look no further than Andrea.

Why choose Andrea Ives Consulting?

  • Innovative in our approach
  • Creative in our delivery
  • Bespoke in our design
  • Outstanding in our results

How would you like a workforce of people in your organisation who are proactive in their own development?

At Andrea Ives Consulting we do not just focus on the courses we focus on the mindset of each individual. We create Learning and Development solutions that mold and complement your organisation which work towards the end successful end goal.


We believe we should deliver what people need, not what we think they need. We work closely with your organisation to fully understand what difference they are trying to make through training solutions. We develop our solutions to bridge those gaps to ensure you get real value for money to see a real return on investment. We will utilise the most up to date methodology and approaches to deliver your intervention. We believe that training isn’t a tick box exercise and ensure that delegates have a clear action plan which starts in the training room, not just when they have left the course.

And how do we deliver fantastic results time and time again…

  • We specialise in bespoke development for any business. We offer a fantastic range of training courses to suit all experience levels and capabilities. We do not not believe that one size fits all so each course is created from scratch for your organisation
  • We are available 7 days a week. We understand a business does not always stop in the evenings or weekends. Not only are we flexible but we can fit around your organisations working hours – need a weekend residential or short mini evening taster sessions? No problem – Andrea Ives Consulting will fit around you
  • All delivery can be on an individual, or group approach – we keeps the group sizes small so the learning is more person centred
    All training begins with a free consultation to find out as much as we can about your business before delivering bespoke solutions – we need to understand what success looks like to you so you have a measurable investment
  • We have a number of exclusive training venues across the country to accommodate all classroom sizes. whether it is a coastal experience near the sea, a city training centre or delivered in-house within your organisation, we can fit the surroundings around you!
  • Return on Investment is so important to any business. Whilst it may not always hold a monetary value, it is vital for us to understand how the value will be measured after the delivery so the evaluation process starts at the beginning not the end.

We support all delegates free of charge for 3 months after any training delivery, we believe the only time you know if it has worked is in the implementation period after training has taken place.

For more information contact Andrea Ives Consulting today on 07711033502 or