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Andrea Ives Consulting

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Jim Lewis, Director of People Technology, Pearson

Andrea has an amazing personality and sparkling brilliance that commands everyone’s attention. She is the best person I’ve ever known at motivating and inspiring people to be their best.

Fiona Colegrave, Chief Medical Advisor, Clinical Governance & Training, Capita

Andrea was flexible, driven and able to adapt her style with fantastic results – Andrea’s ability to motivate and empower those around her played a part in the great success achieved by all. A true team player – I would definitely work with Andrea again.

If you answered yes to any of the above you already value and understand the importance of effective team working. However, how many times have you had a ‘Team Event’ where the fun is there for the experience but nothing changes once you go back to your ‘day jobs’?

Who are we and how are we different?

Andrea Ives Consulting has teamed up with a number of exclusive cookery schools across the country to offer you a unique cooking experience which will enable you to have all the fun, team bonding and interaction that is needed to make a fast paced, highly enjoyable experience, but also come away with a strategy and plan for effective working in the future.


How does it work?

A free 1-1 consultation is offered before the event to create a bespoke cooking experience for you to help draw those already established strengths, the only difference is we create a culinary experience with you, based on your business priorities and most importantly your team.

We don’t believe that any one experience will be the same given people learn, think and work in different ways, environments and cultures. Whether its cooking against the clock, taste testing, or a medley of different culinary techniques, we will use our highly experienced chefs to create a personal menu and fun experience for you and your team.

You will have your own personal facilitator throughout your cooking experience to support, guide and feedback to you and your teams. Together the team dynamics will be explored, using the kitchen environment as physical metaphor for workplace interactions showing how co-operation, team analysis and learning theory can be integrated back in the working environment after the event.

What happens after the event?

As you will be assigned with your own consultant and business coach prior to the event, your company vision and values are already understood. individual assessments can be done during the event to then be fed back and followed up once the individual(s) are back in their working environment. As I’m sure you agree, it is only when you implement learning that you know if it has worked or been understood! We offer follow up coaching to embed your company values and support your team members to be the best they can be, giving you a return on your investment.